Dershowitz: Fuhgedd Brooklyn!

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Fox NEWS LEgAL analyst and registered Democrat Arthur Aidala hasn't formally announced what office he's seeking, but he did host his first political fund-raiser in Red Hook, Brooklyn, on Monday. Fellow celeb attorney Alan Dershowitz was more than happy to show up and stump for Aidala, even though it brought back bad memories. "I was born a few miles from here. The last time I was in Red Hook I was being beaten up by a bunch of guys after a high school basketball game," said Dershowitz. The former Harvard professor claimed that after retiring at the end of 2013, he looked into moving back to Brooklyn, but couldn't afford it: "Look what's happened to Red Hook now."
Contributions to Aidala's event started at the $500 "Bay Ridge Level" and topped out at the "$10,000 Empire State Building Level." A source close to Aidala (photo), a former president of the Brooklyn Bar Association, says the legal eagle's decision on which office he will seek will be determined in part by how much money he's able to raise. We're told that the Brooklyn district attorney's office, which is currently occupied by Acting DA Eric gonzalez, would be the big prize.
Dershowitz was more that eager to help Aidala raise money from Brooklyn's Jewish voters on Monday night. "I've been working with Arthur on a daily basis and now he knows one word of Yiddish," Dershowitz said. "Gelt -- which is the Yiddish word for the Italian word for soldi and for the Brooklyn word moolah. And so we are here tonight to raise a lot of gelt." Among Aidala's more highprofile cases as an attorney was the 2010 trial of former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor, which resulted in the troubled football star reaching a deal that kept him out of jail after being charged with sexual assault and third-degree rape.
Dershowitz says that at some point soon, Aidala will have to answer the multi-milliondollar question.
"Now he has to decide what he wants to run for and where he wants to run," Dershowitz said.other prominent figures who showed up to support Aidala were Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, stem cell researcher Dr. Christopher Calapai, animal rights advocate Leesa Rowland and artist Robert Cenedella.
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